Cigarette smoke | Ozone Shock Treatment in Calgary

We have all walked into a home, hotel room or got into a car or taxi and been faced with the disagreeable smell of cigarette smoke. Even if a person has not smoked in the car or house the smell is in their clothes and is left on the furniture they sit on. At unique Odour Removal based in Calgary, Alberta, we use a new modern, green method to remove all smell of cigarette smoke in cars, houses, caravans, hotels and anywhere people smoke. Clubs and bars in particular that have smoking rooms can be an awful place if not ventilated properly. With the help of our ozone generators the smell of stale smoke can be eliminated.
Ozone shock treatment
The new, green method of ozone shock treatment eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals and is used to eliminate all smells from your property and vehicle. An ozone generator is used to produce high levels of ozone that gets into the upholstery, soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains and fabric of the furniture, bedding and the carpet where the cigarette smoke lingers. The ozone reacts with the contaminants that produce the smell and eliminates them. Your car or home will smell of ozone for a few days but it will soon diminish and your car and home will smell free of cigarette smoke and will be replaced with a clean smell.
What is ozone?

  • Ozone is an oxygen molecule that has 3 atoms
  • The oxygen we all know has 2 atoms
  • When oxygen is in the 3 atom form it acts as a sterilizer that destroys smoke smells, viruses, bacteria and all odours on contact
  • Ozone is dangerous if breathed in large concentrations so the car and property needs to be aired before you move back in

How is Ozone created?

  • Lightning strikes create ozone
  • An ozone generator is used to make the high levels of ozone needed to eliminate odours
  • The generator creates ozone by passing oxygen through an electrified field that causes the atom to split into 3 molecules to make the ozone

How ozone shock treatment works on cigarette smoke?

On contact with any sort of carbon based compounds such as cigarette smoke, the oxygen molecules oxidise the carbon that is creating the smell. Once oxidised the molecules no longer exist and the smell is gone leaving behind a clean smelling room or car.
Cigarette smoke can get in anywhere in your car and home. By using our ozone generators we can rid your car of stale smoke smells in a short time. About an hour is all it takes to remove all smoke smells form your car and then a half hour airing to dissipate the ozone.
Unique Odour Removal has generators capable of removing the smell of cigarette smoke in the following places:

  • Cars and trucks
  • Caravans and motor homes
  • Apartments, flats, private homes
  • Hotels
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Clubs and pubs

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